Easy Paper Flower Craft

Easy Paper Flower Craft – Mothers Day Card Idea

Learn how to make this Mothers Day card using this easy Paper Flower Craft idea, and this idea would even be perfect for birthdays too. This card is simply made using layers of circles so it helps if you have a large circle hole punch. But if you don’t it’ll just take a little more time to cut out the circles you’ll need for the petals.

Now it’s a fairly basic card, and would be ideal for young kids to put together, as a preschool Mothers Day Craft idea. You’ll just need to do the cutting first and let the kids glue the pieces together.

And if you give them plenty of colorful options, and plenty of glue I’m sure every card will be unique.

Anyway, let’s get started.

Easy Paper Flower Craft

Easy Paper Flower CraftFirst, let’s get everything ready so you can leave the little ones to get busy and avoid all those interruptions.

Skill Level – Easy

Time Required – 15 minutes

What you will need

  • Colored construction card / paper
  • Circle punch 1/12in
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Step 1

First, fold an A4 piece of construction card for your base of the card. Then using either construction paper or card cut out the stem of the flower and leaves. Glue towards the bottom of the card.

Step 1 - cut stem and leaves


Step 2

Next, Punch out 5 – 6 circles for your petals and 1 for the centre of the flower.

Step 2 - punch circles

Step 3

Position your petals above the stem leaving a hole in the middle as your centre circle will join them all together. When you are happy with your design glue onto your card.

Step 3 - glue flower

Step 4

Glue your centre circle to your flower.

Step 4 - add centre of flower

Step 5

Now just write the greeting at the bottom of the card and you’re done.

Step 5 - write message on card


Here’s a quick video on how to make an easy paper flower craft card.

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I hope you’ve enjoyed this Easy Paper Flower Craft idea for your kids.  And if you’ve got some great variations on this craft idea then please feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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